My New Book — Hits Stores Today

After months of anticipation, Navigating the Financial Blogosphere: How to Benefit from Free Information on the Internet hits stores today. And now, my era of shameless self-promotion shall begin! You can find the book online at or in Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores. Please do pick up a copy and explore this project which I’ve worked so hard on! Inside I will point you towards various informational outlets on the web which can help you tackle personal finance and better understand a variety of issues regarding money. The chapters, which are based on questions I received from actual readers, include:

How Do I Choose A Bank?
Am I Scared of My Credit Score?
Why Should I Open an IRA?
How Do I Pay for College?
Am I Ready to Pick My Own Stocks?
The Fed? Interest Rates? Inflation? Why Should I Care?
Can I Dabble In Real Estate, Too?
You’ll also find links in the book to many valuable websites and blogs which can help you navigate the world of personal finance online. Most people don’t realize how much valuable (and free) information is ready and waiting for them. I act as a guide, pointing you towards reliable and often unpublicized resources.
In the next few weeks there will be a burst of publicity for the book, ranging from blog reviews and interviews, to magazine and newspaper features and a big release party on Tuesday. If you wish to review the book on your blog, let me know and I’ll have Wiley send over a copy.
Pick up your copy today!
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