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I recently recorded a Podcast with with Kristin Friedersdorf of Her past interviews have included Michelle Leder and Ramit Sethi. Below is a list of some questions which we covered in the interview. I hope you’ll find it interesting.

•Why did I start the blog?
•Why not go with a traditional website?
•How is my blog different from others?
•What sort of content do I cover?
•What are my future plans for the blog and my business?
•Who are my favorite bloggers?
I also talk about my upcoming book, “Navigating the Financial Blogosphere: How to Benefit from Free Information on the Internet.” I haven’t spoken much about the book up through this point because I just recently finished the project. It will be available in major bookstores and on this September. I will have a section of the blog dedicated to providing updates and fielding questions and comments from my readers.
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