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I came across a great blog while doing research for my book which I’d like to share with my audience. It’s www.pensionriskmatters.com, written and maintained by Susan Mangiero. Based on the title, you may have caught on to the blog’s theme–mainly pension plans and the host of factors which affect them. The topic spectrum is fairly broad, such that anyone from a pension manager, plan sponsor, attorney, financial advisor, or even individual investor can learn something.

In an article written by Susan just last week, I learned about how the recent credit crunch is affecting institutional investors, including pension fund managers. As a financial advisor who deals mostly with individuals and small businesses, I hadn’t thought much about the affects going out 20 or 30 years of today’s credit issues and how institutional investors may be shifting their strategies to accommodate this newest area of confusion.
I recommend you have a peak at Susan’s blog and try to pick up some information and links which could help you.
Susan’s company, Pension Governance, LLC is an independent information services firm which performs research and analysis functions for the pension community. Their overall goal is to provide cost-effective resources that empower pension fiduciaries, business owners, HR professionals, etc. to make smart financial decisions about a wide range of retirement benefit plans.
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