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Consolidating Adviser Relationships

I found a study in the most recent edition of planadviser magazine which suggests that families will start consolidating their investment accounts with one adviser in the next few years. The primary explanations they give are: 1- to improve retirement income planning (converting assets into a stream of income) and 2 – asset decumulation (giving your money away). The study divides up the population between three segments and explains why each has a unique set of retirement planning requirements.*

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Investing in Watches

I welcome anybody to participate in this discussion who has knowledge about watches. I’ve always considered a nice watch along with attractive cufflinks to be the essentials of male jewelry. I’ve got a gold bracelet as well but the truth is that I don’t care much for it. I wore a “Rado Jubilee” throughout college. The watch was high-tech ceramics, elegant in form, and worn well with a suit or more casual outfit. When my mother collabarated with me on an upgrade to a Rolex last year, it left me wondering about how well watches retain their value. Was this a good investment? Or should I have opened that additional IRA instead and even snagged a tax benefit.

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