Why Hire a Financial Advisor?

Some people may choose not to work with a financial advisor because they don’t think they need one.  While it may be the case that not everyone needs to work with a financial advisor, I think there is a tremendous amount of value which can be unlocked from such a relationship when the correct client/planner match is found.  I’ll provide some examples below because illustrating this relationship may be helpful in figuring out where some of that potential value may lie. Continue reading

Generation Y: The Evolving Financial Planning Practice

Gen Y is a large and increasingly affluent segment of the population.  As the number of clients under 40 in my practice continues to grow, I’m noticing clear themes emerging about what this demographic is looking for.  Interestingly, they have needs which are really quite different from my clients who are 20-30 years older.  I created a list below which summarizes some of the messages I’ve been hearing from my Gen Y clients:

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