Baffled by College Costs? Me Too

It’s a conversation many of us have over the dinner table or with our colleagues at work: “I can’t believe the cost of college.” It is a very reasonable statement when you consider that many private colleges cost $40,000+ per year. My alma mater, New York University, is now over $50,000 per year. The question I keep coming back to is whether or not it’s worth it. I think the answer was a resounding yes up to the point when I graduated college (2004) but since then, a college education seems to be doing more harm than good for many, many people that I speak with. That’s not to say it’s wrong for everyone, but perhaps the decision to attend college, especially a private college, deserves a lot more contemplation than it has in the past. A recent article in Money Magazine ponders some similar questions and covers some specifics that I think my readers may find interesting.

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