Do What You Love & You May Earn More Money

Do you love what you do? When I pose this question to my clients about half say yes and the other half say no. From what I’ve read, the actual number of people who truly enjoy their day job is around 30%, indicating the other 70% are either miserable at work or just plain accepting it. To be fair, not everyone can do exactly what they love. Once you have a family and a mortgage, the ability to take risks with your career and “pursue your passions” can quickly dissipate. Also, once you reach a certain level of job security and income stability, change may take a backseat to sheer survival and maintenance of our current lifestyles. What I envision for an improved work-world would be more people getting fired up to take charge of their destiny and make positive changes in their life.

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Famous Financial Advisors: Who’s the Best?

There are at least a dozen financial personalities which are extremely well-known. Some aren’t so much “advisors” as they are motivational speakers, authors, consultants, etc. Even so, they are commonly found in public, and on CNBC shows such as “The Millionaire Inside,” talking about how they got rich and what other people can do to follow in their footsteps. I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while, giving my overview of the most prominent financial advisors and their varying opinions. What we’ll ultimately find is that many of these people are giving different, often contradictory advice. Perhaps they are trying to carve out a niche for themselves or separate their identity from everybody else. Regardless, the bottom line is that each of these people has earned a living through self-promotion and entrepreneurship. Perhaps this is the most important lesson we should learn from.

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Navigating the Financial Blogosphere (John Wiley & Sons: September, 2007)
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A Blog Which I Enjoy

I came across a great blog while doing research for my book which I’d like to share with my audience. It’s, written and maintained by Susan Mangiero. Based on the title, you may have caught on to the blog’s theme–mainly pension plans and the host of factors which affect them. The topic spectrum is fairly broad, such that anyone from a pension manager, plan sponsor, attorney, financial advisor, or even individual investor can learn something.

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