Interview with Noel Archard, Principal: The Vanguard Group

ETF Investor is delighted to publish an exclusive interview with Vanguard Group “ETF Boss” Noel Archard (pictured left). Noel Archard heads Vanguard’s VIPERs® Institutional Sales Team. He was previously responsible for the product management of the VIPERs® lineup across multiple business lines within Vanguard. Mr. Archard has been involved with Vanguard’s ETF program since 2003. Seeking Alpha contributor Russell Bailyn (pictured right) spoke with Mr Archard on April 20, 2006, in an interview arranged by Seeking Alpha for publication on ETF Investor. This article is a paraphrase of Mr. Archard’s responses, should not be viewed as verbatim quotes from Mr Bailyn or Mr. Archard, and is best used as one among many information sources. You can visit the article below, or read it here.

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